2015 Ogilvie opener Modified win for Cain

By Tami Jo Kuehn

OGILVIE, MN (April 25) – It was a brisk night, but the Ogilvie Raceway was prepped and ready for the 2015 season opener. The track is under new ownership this season, and the Wagamon family has already made improvements to the facility with many more great changes to come.

John Broking and Dave Cain led the WISSOTA Modifieds to the line for the night’s final race, but Cain pulled away as the green waved. Broking took second and Kelly Estey grabbed third as top drivers spaced out. A couple cautions kept the drivers slow, but as the green waved, Cain, Broking and Estey were three wide for first. Cain triumphed and drove away while Jeffrey Lien, Jr. shot into top points. Lien, Jr. moved past Broking for third and set eyes on Estey. Cain flew around the 3/8 mile and was ahead by a straight-away as other battles heated up. Lien, Jr. chased down Estey but Clayton Wagamon moved aside Lien, Jr. Lien, Jr. maintained his position but soon made contact with the backstretch wall and the yellow flew. Lien, Jr. suffered damage and was removed from the track with one lap to go. Cain was alone on the restart with Estey and Wagamon single file behind him. Cain drove away from the pack and into victory lane in his Bob Harris Enterprises sponsored #2c. Estey, Wagamon, Jody Bellefeuille and Broking were the top finishers.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature -
Dave Cain, Kelly Estey, Clayton Wagamon, Jody Bellefeuille, John Broking, Jeremy Nelson (4), Tim Johnson, Shane Sabraski, Don Eischens, Chris Mensen, Justin Oestreich, Dustin Nelson, Charlie Hillukka, Eric Bjorklund, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Toby Patchen, Brett Johnson, J.T. Johnson, Bob Broking, Jeremy Nelson (06)
Heat 1 - Eischens, T. Johnson, J. Nelson (06), Mensen, Oestreich, B. Broking, T. Patchen
Heat 2 - Wagamon, Bellefeuille, J. Nelson (4), J.T. Johnson, B. Johnson, Sabraski, Don Shaw
Heat 3 -
Cain, J. Broking, K. Estey, Lien, Jr., D. Nelson, Bjorklund, Hillukka


The 2014 race season has come to a close... THANK YOU to everyone for their support this season!

Time for some stats!
• 49 Shows
• 11 Wins
• 35 Top 5s
• 43 Top 10s
• Raced at 18 different tracks

2014 Advantage Rv Modified Tour Champion!!
• Second in WISSOTA Modified National Points
• Granite City Gold Cup Champion (3-Time Winner; Sweep)
• Mighty Axe Nationals Winner (Night 1)

Here is some stats for the Advantage Rv Mod Tour
• Races = 17
• Wins = 3 (KRA, Montevideo, Brainerd)
• 2nds = 4
• Top 3s = 10
• Top 5s = 13
• Top 10s = 15

Thank you to each and every sponsor that was on board this year! Cant thank you guys enough!
• Bob Harris Enterprises
Wehrs Machine
• Tim's Automotive Machine
Mountain Manufacturing
• Outlaw Wraps
• Afco Racing Products
• JRI Shocks
• Ray's Auto Body
• Champion Racing Oil
• Neumann's Enterprise
• Brandl Motors
• Eibach Springs
• Corcoran Lockers
• French Lake Auto Parts
• TRE Race Parts
• Bassett Racing Wheel
• Speedwerx Headers
• Alliance Machine
• Justice Brothers
• Larry Shaw Race Car
Cain Farms!

Thank you also goes out to the people that help us in the pits and at home every week: Joe Machula, Jamie Machula, Casey Peterson, Hass, Sue Jordan and Emili Cain!


First of three weekend feature wins for Cain (VIDEO)

SAUK RAPIDS, MN (September 26) – 145 cars packed in the pits of the Granite City Speedway for night one of the 3rd Annual Gold Cup Triple Header weekend. All races were full of action, had side by side racing and even some last second leader battles. At the end of the night, Jason VandeKamp, Tim Johnson, Kyle Thell, Dave Mass, Dave Cain, Jordan Fisher and Devin Larson went home with trophies.

The WISSOTA Modifieds closed out the night with Zach Johnson and Don Eischens on the front row. Johnson took the lead as the green flew and Dave Cain battled Eischens for second. Eischens held second and moved aside Johnson for first. Eischens took the lead but Cain moved to the high side to challenge the #9e.Cain moved back to Eischens’ door and made the pass for first. The yellow soon flew and drivers were realigned, but Cain remained in charge. Eischens retook second and Johnson held third while Mike Stearns moved into fourth. Top drivers began to space out while Cain built up his lead. Cain began to lap slower cars, and as he weaved through the traffic, Eischens closed in. Cain was in heavy traffic and saw Eischens at his door. With two laps to go they were door to door in traffic. Cain and Eischens were four wide with Jeremy Nelson and Shaun Peterson as they entered the final turn. Eischens nosed into the lead, but as they exited turn four Cain moved forward. The checkers were raised as they came down the front chute. Eischens gave it one final push but Cain crossed the line first and took the win in his Cain Farms sponsored modified. Eischens finished in a close second with Stearns, Dave Mass and Johnson as the top drivers.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature - Dave Cain, Don Eischens, Mike Stearns, Dave Mass, Zach Johnson, Scot Danzeisen, Shane Sabraski, Don Shaw, Clayton Wagamon, Justin Oestreich, Brandon Aggen, Keith Tourville, Brian Haben, Josh Thoennes, Ryan Canon, Shaun Peterson, Jeremy Nelson, Larry Zeller, Jamie Trautner, Charlie Hillukka, Andy Simonson, Zach Schultz, Chuck Olson, Eric Martini
Heat 1 - Martini, Johnson, Jo. Thoennes, Danzeisen, Tourville, Zeller, Haben, Voigt, Trautner
Heat 2 - Cain, J. Nelson (06), Wagamon, Schultz, Hillukka, Drews, Hoium, Ja. Thoennes, Heikkinen
Heat 3 - Shaw, Eischens, Aggen, Sabraski, Peterson, Mass, Oestreich, Lien, Jr.
Heat 4 - Stearns, Trautner, Canon, Simonson, Olson, Gilbertson, Atkinson, J. Nelson (4)
B Feature - Mass, Haben, Zeller, Oestreich, Drews, Voigt, Hoium, Trautner, Lien, Jr., Heikkinen, Gilbertson


Cain, Mass, Johnson and Larson double up their wins on Night 2 of the Gold Cup.

SAUK RAPIDS, MN (September 27) – A record breaking 166 drivers filled the pits and overflowed into the parking lot Saturday for night two of the Gold Cup Triple Header. The night featured some great side by side WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action with three features caution free and only seven total feature cautions. Keith Thell, Shane Sabraski, and Tyler Berry took their first features of the weekend while Dave Cain, Dave Mass, Tim Johnson, and Devin Larson grabbed their second.

The WISSOTA Modifieds finished the evening’s races with Keith Tourville and Shaun Peterson on the front row. They battled for first as they green waved, but Peterson took the high groove and claimed the point. Tourville held second and Don Shaw took third while Don Eischens, Dave Cain, Brian Haben and Mark Trautner battled four wide for fourth. Haben took the position, but Cain found his groove and stole it. Cain then worked his way aside Shaw for third and chased down Tourville. Cain took second and quickly closed in on Peterson. Don Eischens followed in Cain’s tracks as he took fifth, fourth and reeled in Tourville. Cain moved to Peterson’s side and after a short battle took the lead. Cain was ready to lap slower cars with Peterson on his bumper. Cain and Peterson worked their way through traffic as Eischens took third. Eischens slid past cars and caught Peterson for second with few laps to go. Eischens took the runner up position and kept weaving his way towards Cain. The laps came to a close and although Eischens was gaining, Cain took the checkers in his Eibach Springs sponsored #2c. Eischens, Peterson, Justin Oestreich and Tourville took top points.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature - Dave Cain, Don Eischens, Shaun Peterson, Justin Oestreich, Keith Tourville, Don Shaw, Brian Haben, Larry Zeller, Mike Stearns, Shane Sabraski, Mark Trautner, Jeremy Nelson, Clayton Wagamon, Ryan Canon, Brandon Aggen, Zach Drews, J.T. Johnson, Jamie Trautner, Andy Simonson, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Scott Heikkinen, Matt Gilbertson, Brady Gerdes, Dave Mass
Heat 1 - Shaw, Haben, Zeller, Mass, Lien, Jr., Gilbertson, Schroeder, Martini
Heat 2 - Peterson, Wagamon, Oestreich, Canon, Aggen, Danzeisen, Simonson, Loecken
Heat 3 - Cain, Eischens, Nelson, Gerdes, Sabraski, J. Trautner, Davis, Atkinson
Heat 4 - Tourville, M. Trautner, Stearns, Heikkinen, Drews, Johnson, Good, Hoium
B Feature- Gilbertson, Johnson, J. Trautner, Simonson, Hoium, Atkinson, Schroeder, Good, Davis, Loecken


Tim Johnson, Dave Mass, Dave Cain and Devin Larson earn three-peat title after sweeping the weekends features.

SAUK RAPIDS, MN (September 28) – Sunday night wrapped up the 3rd Annual Gold Cup Triple Header and for the third night in a row great car counts and weather made for an enjoyable night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. Last year, one driver won all three nights feature races, this year Tim Johnson, Dave Mass, Dave Cain and Devin Larson were all three-peat winners taking the feature win each night. Shane Sabraski, Shayne Laske and Josh Zimpel also claimed Sunday night’s hardware.

The WISSOTA Modifieds were the final race of the weekend with 21 drivers on the track. Justin Oestreich grabbed first as the green dropped and Dave Cain moved into second. Oestreich ran the tracks lower side and Cain ran high as Cain moved to Oestreich’s side. Cain pulled ahead as the yellow lights came on. Cain was alone on the start with Oestreich and Clayton Wagamon in tow. Oestreich retook second but Wagamon kept close. Dave Mass drove in fourth while Joe Voigt had heavy traffic to his rear. Voigt’s car spun in turn four and drivers scattered brining out the yellow flag. Drivers were realigned with Cain in the lead, Oestreich second and Mass moved aside Wagamon for third. They battled close to Oestreich, but Oestreich put some space between them as Mass took third. Cain was flying around the track with the cruise control set as Keith Tourville and Shane Sabraski sat on the front chute. Again the yellow flew with only three laps to go. Cain was alone on the restart with Oestreich and Mass to his rear. As they made the final lap, Oestreich moved up Cain’s side, however Cain pulled away and took the checkers in his Bob Harris Enterprises sponsored #2c for the third time. Oestreich, Mass, Mike Stearns and Wagamon took the top points.

The 2014 Gold Cup Triple Header wrapped up as a very successful weekend. A new track time was set by Dave Cain, the all-time car count record was broke Saturday night, Shane Sabraski took his 500th career feature win and four drivers won all three nights of the Cup.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature - Dave Cain, Justin Oestreich, Dave Mass, Mike Stearns, Clayton Wagamon, Zach Drews, Don Shaw, Shane Sabraski, Jeremy Nelson, Chris Mensen, Mark Trautner, Jayson Good, Keith Tourville, Jamie Trautner, Jason Voigt, Pete Loecken, Scott Heikkinen, Don Eischens, Zach Schultz, Eric Martini, Andy Simonson
Heat 1 - Wagamon, Oestreich, Nelson, Drews, M. Trautner, Good
Heat 2 - Mass, Simonson, Schultz, Stearns, Shaw, Tourville, Loecken
Heat 3 - Martini, Cain, Voigt, Sabraski, J. Trautner, Mensen, Heikkinen


Cain Claims Night 1 of the Mighty Axe Nationals and secures 2014 Advantage RV Modified Tour Championship!


Cain, Dibb, Sabraski, Johnson and Linquist Qualify for Race Of Champions

By Tami Jo Kuehn
Sauk Rapids, MN (July 27) – There was rain in every direction, but the Granite City Speedway dodged the weather and completed a night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. It was also Race of Champions qualifier night and Dave Cain, Matthew Dibb, Shane Sabraski, Tim Johnson and Brandon Linquist took the WISSOTA wins along with Alex Wolff, Charlie Sheik and Dan Larsen taking the others.

Shane Sabraski drove off as the green waved for the WISSOTA Modifieds. Dave Cain, Larry Zeller and Clayton Wagamon went three wide for second and Zeller dropped to fourth. Cain and Wagamon kept at it for second and Cain took the point. Cain then chased down Sabraski and moved to his side. Cain made the pass for first but Sabraski remained close. Cain and Sabraski had a good lead over the others as Dave Mass and Larry Zeller battled for third. Mass took the point and set eyes on the leaders, but not many laps remained. Cain retained the lead and put his Wehrs Machine sponsored #2c in victory lane. The top five drivers were Sabraski, Mass, Zeller and Don Eischens


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature -
Dave Cain, Shane Sabraski, Dave Mass, Larry Zeller, Don Eischens, Clayton Wagamon, Zach Drews, Eric Martini, Dustin Nelson, Landon Atkinson, Scott Heikkinen
Heat 1 - Sabraski, Zeller, Wagamon, Eischens, Nelson, Atkinson
Heat 2 - Martini,
Cain, Mass, Drews, Heikkinen

Cain posts Princeton Speedway Mod feature win

By Tami Jo Kuehn
PRINCETON, MN (July 25) - Princeton Speedway was in action Friday night with another exciting night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. Ryan Kostreba, Denis Czech, Shane Sabraski, Kyle Thell, Dannie Burkholder and Dave Cain all took home the wins. It was also the 2nd Annual Car show and people displayed their cars and won awards based on Driver, Track and Fan votes.

The WISSOTA Modifieds closed out the night’s program and as the green flew, Dave Cain shot into the lead. Dustin Nelson took second and Eric Martini moved into third. Shane Sabraski moved aside Martini and took the point while Cain stretched out his lead. Drivers settled into their positions and rode the track’s middle groove while Sabraski closed in on Nelson. Sabraski was at his door in the turns, but Nelson was faster out of the curve. Nelson then went too high and Sabraski shot past him and Martini took third. Cain was well over a straight away ahead of the competition as the checkers were raised. Sabraski, Martini, Nelson and Dave Mass finished over four seconds behind Cain as Cain rolled his Bob Harris Enterprises sponsored #2c into victory lane.

Next Friday night will be the Race of Champions Qualifier at the Princeton Speedway. Racing will resume at 7pm.  


WISSOTA Modifieds:

Feature -
Dave Cain, Shane Sabraski, Eric Martini, Dustin Nelson, Dave Mass, Shawn Fletcher, Larry Zeller, Justin Oestreich, Brandon Hines, Justin Jones
Heat 1 - Fletcher, Sabraski, Mass, Nelson, Zeller
Heat 2 -
Cain, Martini, Oestreich, Jones, Hines


Cain Doubles In Rice Lake Speedway Modified Action

By Ed Reichert

RICE LAKE, WI (May 17) – Dave Cain was happy he made the decision to return to the Rice Lake Speedway Saturday night. The Corcoran MN veteran and former WISSOTA National Modified Champion made the trek back to Rice Lake Saturday night after the Modified feature fell victim to rain last week and he made the trip worthwhile, winning both the makeup feature and the regularly scheduled event. Throw in a heat race triumph and Cain scored a rare clean sweep of the open wheel cars. Other winners Saturday included Curt Myers, Shane Sabraski, Cody Kummer and Jason Havel.

Sixteen of the twenty qualified cars from last Saturday’s rained out Modified main returned to take the green and what developed was a rather strange event, with cars dropping like flies from the event for various reasons. Mike Anderson got around Jake Miller to take the early lead but he was soon challenged by Jesse Glenz for the top spot. Glenz was flying and he raced under Anderson to take over the lead and immediately began to put distance on the field. Anderson was unable to keep pace with Glenz as Cain started to move into contention by passing Tim McMann and taking over the third spot. Anderson fell to the bad luck that many were having when he blew a rear tire and limped off the track. This turned over second to Cain but he was a full straightaway behind Glenz.

Then the unthinkable happened. Glenz, less than two laps away from an overpowering victory suddenly lost power and stopped on the back chute, the victim or rear end problems. Suddenly, Cain found himself in the lead and he cruised home the last two laps to beat McMann, Mark Hessler, Paul Brust and Matt Leer to the finish in a race that saw only half the starting field take the checkered. However, despite all the drop outs, when the regularly scheduled program commenced, only the cars of Glenz and Kevin Adams were missing and both borrowed rides to run the rest of the program.

The Modified finale was much closer and produced a bit of controversy. Again Anderson found himself on the front row for the start and once more he took the early lead. Leer and Cory Mahder were battling for second along with Neil Balduc when Mahder went around, triggering a yellow flag. Anderson continued to lead as Cain worked his way up from a fourth row starting spot. Eventually Cain would move into second and then the battle was on as he tried to get past Anderson.

The leaders were running hard and close and going into turn one they both drifted up the track with Anderson running out of racing room as Cain edged past him for the lead. However, Anderson didn’t back down, and he ran right behind Cain, trying to dive under him in each corner.

A late spin set up a two lap sprint to the line and Anderson gave it his best, getting under Cain off turn four as they came dangerously close together. However, Cain held on and flashing under the line with a car length advantage at the checkered over Anderson. Hessler had another solid finish in third, edging out Shane Sabraski and Ashley Anderson, who started twelfth.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature –
Dave Cain(Corcoran MN), Mike Anderson(Colfax), Mark Hessler(Menomonie), Shane Sabraski(Rice MN), Ashley Anderson(Elk Mound), Scott Miller(Rice Lake), Jesse Glenz(Cadott), Kevin Adams(Cameron), Neil Balduc(Bessemer MI), Paul Brust(Rice Lake), Jake Miller, Pat Hoffman, Rick Rivord, Brian Mikkonen, Cory Jorgensen, Dave Mayala, Nikki Wrazidlo, Scott Heikkinen, Matt Leer, Kevin Eder, Tim McMann, Cory Mahder, Steve Hallquist
Makeup Feature from 5/10 –
Cain, McMann(Duluth MN), Hessler, Brust, Leer(Bruce), Hoffman(Rice Lake), Jorgensen(Hermantown MN), Rivord(Superior), Glenz, M. Anderson, Mahder, Hallquist, Adams, S. Miller, J. Miller, Eder
Heat 1 –
Cain, Balduc, Adams, S. Miller, Jorgensen, Wrazidlo, Mayala
Heat 2 – M. Anderson, Leer, Hessler, J. Miller(Somerset), Heikkinen(Eveleth MN), Brust, Hallquist, Eder
Heat 3 – Sabraski, McMann, Mahder(Eau Claire), A. Anderson, Glenz, Hoffman, Rivord, Mikkonen

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Wehrs Machine & Racing Products of Bangor, WI. Wehrs Machine builds top notch racing products from suspension components, accessories, engine parts, tools, and more. Check out their website at www.wehrsmachine.com

TRE Race Parts of Alexandria, MN, a race parts store that sells anything racing! Specializing in transmissions! Check out their website!

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Gold Cup Triple Header feature win for Cain

By Tami Jo Kuehn

SAUK RAPIDS, MN (September 29) – There was no better place to be on Sunday afternoon than at the Granite City Speedway for the Gold Cup Triple Header’s final race night. The skies were clear and sunny as drivers took the clay for another exciting night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action.

Dave Read, Dave Cain, Josh Abramson and Dan Larsen took their first wins of the weekend, Dave Mass took his second, however it was Jason VandeKamp who came away the big winner with his third straight win of the weekend in his FYE Motorsports Midwest Modified.

The WISSOTA Modifieds rolled on the track for their event with Clayton Wagamon and Matt Gilbertson in first. Gilbertson shot into the lead as the green flew and Wagamon battled with Jeremy Nelson (06) and Dave Cain. Nelson took second, Cain took third and Dave Mass took fourth. The drivers formed a single file line as they ran the tracks high side, but Cain decided to change it up. Cain shot to the low side and moved next to Nelson, but didn’t have the traction as Nelson drove away. Cain didn’t back down and tried it again grabbing the middle lane. Cain made the car stick and took second. Cain began utilizing more of the track surface as he caught Gilbertson. Cain kept working the lower half of the track and took the lead.

Eric Martini also hugged the tires and kept his car low as he took fifth. Martini and others went four wide into turn one and Martini soon spun around. The yellow flew and Martini exited the track. Cain kept his lead through back to back cautions with only one lap remaining. Wagamon and Shane Sabraski joined Gilbertson for second as Cain flew across the finish line and took the win in his Cain Farms #2c.

The 2nd Annual Gold Cup Triple Header was officially in the books with three nights of complete shows featuring the top drivers in the WISSOTA Nation.


WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature -
Dave Cain, Matt Gilbertson, Clayton Wagamon, Dale Mathison, Shane Sabraski, Jeremy Nelson (06), Don Eischens, Dave Mass, Seth Brede, Jeremy Nelson (4), Landon Atkinson, Ryan Canon, Shawn Fletcher, Tim Alexander, Jeremy Meierhofer, Jeff Maasch, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Eric Martini, Matt Weisman, Mark Blood
Heat 1 - Martini, Sabraski,
Cain, Eischens, Canon, Nelson (4), Blood
Heat 2 - Mathison, Mass, Nelson (06). Lien, Jr., Atkinson, Maasch, Alexander
Heat 3 - Gilbertson, Brede, Wagamon, Meierhofer, Weisman, Fletcher


Harvest Cup V Modified feature win for Cain

By Tami Jo Kuehn

OGILVIE, MN (September 7) – Ogilvie Raceway kicked off its first special of the season with the two day Harvest Cup V event. Harvest Cup V was presented by Wagamon Brother’s and drivers and fans were treated to some great WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. Kyle Thell, Allen Gessell, Jr., Bud Martini, Dan Gullikson, and Dave Cain took the WISSOTA wins with Quain Busitzky winning the hornets.

The WISSOTA Modifieds were the final event of the night with Jeremy Nelson and Zach Drews leading the way. Nelson grabbed the lead and Drews took second while Dale Mathison, Eric Martini and Dave Cain battled for third. Mathison pulled away but Cain sped back to his side. Cain was on the verge of passing Mathison as Brett Hoium drifted into the wall and the yellow flew. Hoium was unable to continue racing and Eric Martini also exited the track.

Nelson was first on the restart with Drews in second and Cain in third. Jeff Patchen moved next to Mathison for fourth as Charlie Hillukka came flying on the high side. Hillukka shot past Mathison and Patchen to take fourth while Drews and Cain passed Nelson and Drews took the lead. Cain grabbed the low groove and passed Drews, Cain then slid high and Drews moved to the low side. Drews and Cain battled for the lead but Cain quickly drove away. Cain caught slower cars and began to lap as the checkers were raised. Cain took the win with Drews, Nelson, Patchen and Hillukka in the top points.


WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature -
Dave Cain, Zack Drews, Jeremy Nelson, Jeff Patchen, Charlie Hillukka, Dale Mathison, Dustin Nelson, J.B. Stortz, Clayton Wagamon, J.T. Johnson, Landon Atkinson, Toby Patchen, Larry Zeller, Terry Hanson, Shawn Kelly, Mike Kyllonen, Adam Ayotte, Dave Schroeder, Mark Blood, Scot Danzeisen, Eric Martini, Brett Hoium
Heat 1 - Martini,
Cain, J. Patchen, Atkinson, Wagamon, Hanson, Schroeder, Zeller
Heat 2 - Hillukka, Mathison, Drews, Stortz, Ayotte, Blood, Kelly
Heat 3 - Danzeisen, J. Nelson, Johnson, D. Nelson, T. Patchen, Hoium, Kyllonen


Cain captures memorial win at Ogilvie

By Tami Jo Kuehn

OGILVIE, MN (August 24) – Ogilvie Raceway hosted the 2nd Annual Ron Jones Sr. – Ron Fleischer Memorial Race Saturday night featuring increased payouts for the Modifieds and Midwest Modifieds. The WISSOTA Late Models were also on the night’s program, and with it being the Season Finale of the Blaine Brothers Late Model Challenge Series, the drivers put on a good show.

Dustin Nelson and Dave Cain led the WISSOTA Modifieds to the line for the nights final feature, however a mess in turn two brought the drivers to a quick halt. Nelson and Cain resumed the lead as the drivers were sorted and Cain took first when the green flew. Dave Mass grabbed the low line and moved next to Nelson for second with Andy Jones in fourth. Nelson held onto second, but Mass was quickly back at his side. Mass stole second and Jones moved into third putting Nelson back in fourth. Mass cruised to Cain’s side for the lead, but Cain drove away.

Mass remained on Cain’s bumper while Jones rode the wall and chased them down. Mass gave it another shot at Cain with two laps remaining but the yellow flew as Jones drove his car in the infield with smoke rolling from the motor.

Cain drove away on the restart but all eyes were on second as Mass, Jeremy Nelson, Don Shaw, Clayton Wagamon and Jeff Patchen drove five wide through turn two. Mass pulled away from the pack keeping second with Wagamon in third. Mass put his foot down to catch Cain, but Cain took the checkers wining the Ron Jones Sr. – Ron Fleischer Memorial race for the second year in a row. Mass, Wagamon, Patchen and Nelson took the top points.

Next Saturday will be the 2013 Season Championship night at the Ogilvie Raceway. Even though the regular season is coming at an end, the 5th Annual Harvest Cup is coming up soon. The Harvest Cup is on September 6 and 7 and will feature two complete shows of WISSOTA racing action. So mark your calendars and we will see you at the Big O, racing resumes at 6:30 pm.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature -
Dave Cain, Dave Mass, Clayton Wagamon, Jeff Patchen, Jeremy Nelson, Don Shaw, Dustin Nelson, Nick Musel, Trent Follmer, Zack Drews, Tyler McDonald, Larry Zeller, Erik Peterson, Andy Jones, Craig Rabenberg, Jody Bellefeuille, Charlie Hillukka, Mike Kyllonen, Keith Vork, Toby Patchen
Heat 1 - Mass, Wagamon, D. Nelson, Peterson, Bellefeuille, Kyllonen, Vork, Rabenberg
Heat 2 - Stortz,
Cain, Hillukka, J. Patchen, J. Nelson, Drews, T. Patchen
Heat 3 - Shaw, Jones, McDonald, Cory Mahder, Zeller, Follmer, Musel


Advantage RV Mod Tour topped by Cain

By Tami Jo Kuehn

OGILVIE, MN (August 8) – The Advantage RV Modified Touring Series rolled into the Ogilvie Raceway Thursday for the first night of their August Ambush tour. Dave Cain took the Modified win with Skeeter Estey, Dave Read and Zach Gaslin taking the other feature wins.

The final race of the night was the 40 lap WISSOTA Modified event. Dave Cain and Scot Danzeisen battled for first as the green flew with Matt Gilbertson in third. J. B. Stortz moved to Gilbertson’s door and Stortz took the point. Cain and Danzeisen were still side by side for first but Danzeisen nosed ahead and grabbed the lead. Cain, Stortz, Gilbertson and Jay Richardson ran in top points while Stortz closed in on Cain. The yellow flew for Brent Dutenhoffer spinning in turn two and the drivers were reset.

Danzeisen was first on the restart but Stortz and Cain moved to his sides to go three wide. Danzeisen again claimed the lead but Cain shot by him and stole it. Danzeisen kept close to Cain while Kelly Estey moved next to Stortz. Cain drove away from the competitors but was forced to slow down for another caution.

On the restart, Cain shot out of four like a bullet giving Danzeisen no chance to catch him. Estey slid by Danzeisen and they battled for second with Mike Stearns joining in. Gilbertson made the pass on Stearns and retook fourth while Stortz moved back in. Cain was dominating and lapping drivers while Estey and Danzeisen continued to battle for second. Danzeisen broke away from Estey, but Danzeisen drove too high and nicked the wall. Estey flew by him and Danzeisen maintained third. Stearns moved aside Danzeisen and they closed in on Estey. Stearns ran low and Danzeisen drove high while they hugged Estey’s back end. The checkers had already flown for Cain, more than half a lap ahead, when the battle for second rounded turn four. Danzeisen flew out of four and took second as they crossed the finish line. Estey, Stortz and Stearns rounded out the top five while Dave Cain drove his Mountain Manufacturing Technologies sponsored Modified into victory lane.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature -
Dave Cain, Scot Danzeisen, Kelly Estey, J.B. Stortz, Mike Stearns, Matt Gilbertson, Travis Saurer, Trent Follmer, Ryan Aho, J.T. Johnson, Larry Zeller, Trevor Anderson, Brent Dutenhoffer, Brett Hoium, Toby Patchen, Charlie Hillukka, Andy Jones, Jay Richardson, Ryan Canon, Tyler McDonald, Jeff Broking, Dave Mass
Heat 1 - Danzeisen, Gilbertson, Richardson, Stearns, Broking, Dutenhoffer
Heat 2 -
Cain, Aho, Zeller, Hoium, Patchen, Jones
Heat 3 - Saurer, Hillukka, Anderson, Canon, Mass, Tourville
Heat 4 - Stortz, Follmer, Estey, McDonald, Johnson


Big O Mod feature win for Cain

By Tami Jo Kuehn

OGILVIE, MN (August 10) - The Tower Bar and Lounge sponsored the night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Action Saturday night at Ogilvie Raceway. Justin Oestreich, Kyle Thell, Matthew Dibb, Dave Cain and Jim and Dan Gullikson took home the hardware after some exciting race battles.

The final feature of the night was for the WISSOTA Modifieds and Toby Patchen took the green. Dustin Nelson took second with J.T. Johnson and Clayton Wagamon in a battle for third. Nelson moved to Patchen’s side for first and Wagamon followed. Patchen held Nelson off as Wagamon was next to Nelson. Wagamon moved to Patchen’s door and they battled for first. Dave Cain grabbed the high side, took third, and closed in on Patchen and Wagamon.

Wagamon pulled away and took the lead while Cain made the pass for second. Patchen fell back in the pack while Cain moved to the high groove. Cain flew to Wagamon’s side and they were tire to tire for first. Cain however pulled away and secured the lead with flew laps to go. Cain beat the other drivers and took his third straight feature win at the Big O. Jeff Patchen, Wagamon, Stortz and Nelson took the top five points.

Next week, Ogilvie Raceway will host the USMTS in the Hunt for Casey’s Cup. There will be no Mod Fours or Super Stocks on Saturday night, but the Modifieds are welcome to race with the USMTS drivers. The Saturday Night Shootout will resume at 6:30 pm.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature -
Dave Cain, Jeff Patchen, Clayton Wagamon, J.B. Stortz, Dustin Nelson, J.T. Johnson, Zack Drews, Toby Patchen, Brett Hoium, Charlie Hillukka, Jeremy Nelson, Erik Peterson, Danny Bayer, Larry Zeller
Heat 1 - J. Patchen, Hillukka,
Cain, D. Nelson, Stortz, Peterson, Zeller
Heat 2 - T. Patchen, Johnson, Hoium, Wagamon, Drews, J. Nelson, Bayer


Cain take a clean sweep for the first time at Granite City Speedway in 2013 **** VIDEO ****

SAUK RAPIDS, MN (August 4) – As always, the Granite City Speedway’s night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action was full of side by side battles and close finishes. The night was sponsored by NAPA and Dana Voigt, Tyler Berry, Aaron Johnson, Kyle Thell, Brad Schmidt, Justin Oestreich, Shane Sabraski and Dave Cain all took feature wins.

The final feature event of the night was for the WISSOTA Modifieds. Andy Simonson shot into the lead with Seth Brede in second. Dave Mass and Jeffrey Lien, Jr. battled for third while Dave Cain joined them from his 7th starting spot. Drivers grabbed the high and low grooves, but Cain shot through the middle of everyone and went from seventh to first in 3 laps Mass grabbed second while Eric Martini moved into third.
One caution would slow the drivers down, and on the restart Cain sped away. Martini took second with Mass and Jeremy Nelson in tow. Martini hugged the wall as he rounded the track’s curves and Mass moved to his side. Martini and Mass ran door to door and they closed in on Cain. Martini got too close the wall as contact was made and sparks flew. Martini however kept the car moving and retained the second point. Cain pulled away and secured his lead. The laps ticked away and the checkers flew for Cain in the Eibach Springs sponsored Modified. Martini, Mass, Nelson and Sabraski took the top points.

Next Sunday night will be the final bike give away of the race season with 22 bikes being given away. Racing will resume at 5:30 pm with doors opening at 3.

WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature -
Dave Cain, Eric Martini, Dave Mass, Jeremy Nelson, Shane Sabraski, Charlie Hillukka, Clayton Wagamon, Seth Brede, Jeremy Nelson, Brandon Aggen, Andy Simonson, Kent Willms, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Curly Williams
Heat 1 -
Cain, Sabraski, Simonson, Lien, Jr., Hillukka, Willms, Williams
Heat 2 - Brede, Martini, Mass, Wagamon, J. Nelson, Aggen, J. Nelson


Cain Picks up third win of the year at Ogilvie Raceway

OGILVIE, MN (August 3) – The Ogilvie Raceway hosted it annual Kids Night on Saturday night with more than 50 bikes being given away to lucky kids. The night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action was also the Race of Champions qualifier for Ogilvie and contained side by side battles and last lap passes. However it was Brad Schmidt, Dave Mass, Bud Martini, Kyle Thell, Dave Cain and Matthew Dibb who took home the wins.
Matt Gilberston shot out of turn four with Eric Martini in second when the WISSOTA Modifieds took the green. Nick Musel grabbed third with Jeff Patchen and 10th place starter Dave Cain in a battle for fourth. Gilbertson and Martini were ahead by a straight-away and were prepping to lap the slower cars as the yellow flew. Gilbertson lead the field back to the green, Cain put the 2c machine on the high side and rocketed into the 3rd spot behind Gilberson and Martini, only 2 laps in since the last yellow, the yellow flew again. Gilbertson was first on the restart with Cain and Martini side by side for second. Martini took second with Cain, Wagamon and Dave Mass in a battle.

The third and final yellow slowed Gilbertson down and put Martini and Cain on his bumper. Cain took second and ran on Gilbertson’s rear. With less than a lap remaining, Gilbertson and Cain caught a slower driver. Cain shot to the low groove of turn 1 and Gilbertson up on the highside made his move with the lapped car in the middle. They drove into turn three side by side, but Cain threw the 2c into the corner completing the slide job with room to spare and crossed the finish line first with checkers waving. Gilbertson, Mass, Martini and Jeremy Nelson took the top five points.

WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature -
Dave Cain, Matt Gilbertson, Dave Mass, Eric Martini, Jeremy Nelson, J.B. Stortz, Jeff Patchen, Nick Musel, Clayton Wagamon, Zack Drews, Erik Peterson, Shawn Fletcher, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Adam Ayotte, Toby Patchen, Todd Lofgren, Dustin Nelson
Heat 1 - J. Patchen, Stortz, Drews,
Cain, Mass, Lofgren, Tourville
Heat 2 - Fletcher, Martini, Lien, Jr., Peterson, Ayotte, Johnson
Heat 3 - Musel, J. Nelson, Gilbertson, Wagamon, D. Nelson, T. Patchen


Cain wins Modified at Princeton for the second week in a row

PRINCETON, MN (August 2) - Jeff Patchen and Dustin Nelson brought the WISSOTA Modifieds on the track for the night’s final race. Nelson grabbed the lead with Patchen and Jeff Broking in tow. Dave Cain took fourth and quickly passed Broking for third. Patchen moved to Nelson’s side for first as Cain closed in behind them. While they battled for first Broking, J.B. Stortz and Eric Martini battled three wide for fourth. Patchen passed Nelson and took the lead while Cain ran aside Nelson. Stortz, Martini and Broking continued to battle for fourth as Stortz broke away from them. Patchen began to lap slower cars while Cain chased him down. Patchen held him off and with three laps to go, Cain was at Patchen’s door. Cain made the pass and took the lead with Patchen falling to second. Cain’s Tim’s Automotive sponsored car was unstoppable as he took the checkers and his second feature win at Princeton in a row. Patchen, Nelson, Stortz and Martini took top points.

WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature -
Dave Cain, Jeff Patchen, Dustin Nelson, J.B. Stortz, Eric Martini, Jeff Broking, Erik Peterson, Don Eischens, Larry Zeller, Toby Patchen, Tony Proell, Mike Kyllonen, Joel Collins, Tim Alexander
Heat 1 - Zeller,
Cain, Stortz, J. Patchen, Proell, Alexander, Peterson
Heat 2 - Nelson, Martini, T. Patchen, Broking, Eischens, Kyllonen, Collins


Friday night Modified feature win to Cain

By Tami Jo Kuehn

Princeton, MN (July 26) – Despite the random showers that occurred throughout the race evening, the Princeton Speedway was able to complete a full show of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. Dave Read, Bud Martini, Kyle Thell, Shane Sabraski, Dave Cain and Matthew Dibb took the trophies home.

The WISSOTA Modifieds finished out the night in style by completing our fourth straight caution free feature. Erik Peterson took the lead as the green flew with Larry Zeller at his side. Jeff Patchen moved into third and Dave Cain battled Terry Hanson for fourth. Peterson pulled away from Zeller for the lead and Patchen also passed Zeller. J.B. Stortz moved into third with Cain at his door. Cain took third and ran a bit too high on the track’s edge. Cain slid over for a second but came back and retained third. Shane Sabraski then went under Cain for third, but Cain sped away and moved to Patchen’s side for second. Patchen and Cain ran door to door as they closed in on Peterson. With two laps to go Cain moved to Peterson’s side and they battled for first. The checkers waved as Cain shot underneath them. Cain took the win in his Outlaw Wraps sponsored Modified with Peterson, Patchen, Sabraski and Stortz in the top five.

Next week’s racing events will resume at 7pm and will be the Race of Champions Qualifying race night. There will also be a car show taking place before the races where drivers, fans and the public are encouraged to bring any old cars or trucks they have to display at the racetrack. Cars must be in the grandstand area by 5pm, and regular admission will still be charged for all participants. There will also be Race Fan’s choice, Speedway’s choice and WISSOTA Driver’s choice awards to be given out. Please contact the Princeton Speedway with any questions about this event.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature -
Dave Cain, Erik Peterson, Jeff Patchen, Shane Sabraski, J.B. Stortz, Dustin Nelson, Toby Patchen, Eric Martini, Dave Mass, Trent Follmer, Justin Jones, Larry Zeller, Tony Proell, Mark Blood, Terry Hanson, Charlie Hillukka
Heat 1 - Zeller, J. Patchen, Peterson, Martini, Nelson, Mass, T. Patchen, Proell
Heat 2 - Stortz,
Cain, Sabraski, Hanson, Hillukka, Follmer, Jones, Blood


Checkers to Cain on July 13 at Ogilvie Raceway

By Tami Jo Kuehn

OGILVIE, MN (July 13) – Ogilvie Raceway’s Saturday Night Shootout was sponsored by Thomas Sno Sports and more than 80 drivers signed into the pits. The night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action was full of side by side action with Kyle Thell, Allen Gessell, Jr., Dan Gullikson, Charlie Zander and Dave Cain taking the WISSOTA wins and Quain Busitzky getting the hornet win.

The WISSOTA Modifieds entered the track with Larry Zeller and Dustin Nelson on the front row. They battled for first as the green flew and Dave Cain moved into third. Nelson grabbed the lead and Cain took over second. Cain moved next to Nelson for first and they ran door to door for a couple laps. Cain was faster out of the curve and took the lead as the yellow flew.

Cain was first on the restart with Jody Bellefeuille and Nelson behind him. Nelson took second while Clayton Wagamon and Bellefeuille went for third. Back to back cautions kept the drivers at a coast and incidentally, both Nelson and Wagamon fell out of the race. Cain was in charge on the final restart with Bellefeuille and Dave Mass going for second. Cain kept his foot down and drove away while Mass and Bellefeuille ran door to door. Bellefeuille took second and Mass settled for third as Cain drove his A. Ruppert Well, Inc. sponsored Modified to the checkers getting the win. Charlie Hillukka and Jeffrey Lien, Jr. rounded out the top five.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature -
Dave Cain, Jody Bellefeuille, Dave Mass, Charlie Hillukka, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Larry Zeller, Clayton Wagamon, Dustin Nelson, J.B. Stortz, Eric Martini
Heat 1 - Stortz, Mass,
Cain, Bellefeuille, Hillukka, Vork
Heat 2 - Nelson, Wagamon, Martini, Zeller, Collins, Lien, Jr.


Cain concurs Big O June 22 Mod field VIDEO

By Tami Jo Kuehn

OGILVIE, MN (June 22) – Drivers and fans made their way to the Ogilvie Raceway for a night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. The radar was unstable, but it turned out to be a sunny evening with temps keeping the track smooth and tacky. Dave Cain, Dave Mass, Dan Gullikson, Jim Gullikson and Landon Atkinson took home the WISSOTA wins with Brandon Opsahl getting the hornet win.

Dustin Nelson and Charlie Hillukka brought the WISSOTA Modifieds to the line for the night’s final race. Hillukka shot into the lead with Nelson and JB Stortz going for second. Stortz took second but Nelson moved back to his side. Stortz again pulled away keeping the point while the Dave’s of Mass and Cain moved in on Nelson. Stortz began to chase down Hillukka who had a good lead. Stortz caught Hillukka and took the lead. Dave Mass moved into third, but Dave Cain moved to his side and took the point. Hillukka kept close to Stortz, and moved under Stortz. They ran door to door for a few laps until Hillukka made the pass reclaiming the lead. Hillukka immediately pulled away from Stortz as Cain closed in.

Cain passed Stortz and began to chase down Hillukka. The laps ticked by and with four laps to go, Cain was at Hillukka’s side. Hillukka and Cain were door to door for a lap, but Cain was faster out of the curve and took the lead. Hillukka kept close, but Cain was faster and rolled his Bob Harris Enterprises sponsored #2c into victory lane for the first time in 2013. Hillukka, Stortz, Eric Martini and Jody Bellefeuille took the top five points.

Ogilvie Raceway’s Saturday Night Shootout will resume next Saturday at 6:30pm.


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature -
Dave Cain, Charlie Hillukka, JB Stortz, Eric Martini, Jody Bellefeuille, Zach Drews, Dave Mass, Dustin Nelson, Brandon Aggen, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Brett Hoium, Danny Bayer, Keith Vork, JT Johnson
Heat 1 - Stortz, Aggen, Hoium, Nelson, Bauer, Drews, Lien, Jr.
Heat 2 - Mass,
Cain, Johnson, Hillukka, Martini, Bellefeuille, Vork

Dave Cain Racing 2013 Trading Cards!

WISSOTA Modified star Dave Cain of Corcoran, MN joined Dirt Cast to talk about his 2012 season, winning the WISSOTA Modified National Championship and more! Click here to listen!


Cain earns 2012 WISSOTA Modified National Championship!

By Tami Jo Kuehn

The driver behind the #2c WISSOTA Modified, Dave Cain, had another successful 2012 racing season. Cain started 58 shows and finished in the top five 50 of those races. Among those 50 top 5’s, he had 25 feature wins and many sweeps.

Cain started his 2012 season in April at Cedar Lake Speedway, and took home his first sweep on April 20th at Princeton Speedway’s season opener. From that night on, Cain continued to race at many tracks winning 25 features. Those feature wins we are the following tracks: Princeton Speedway, Ogilvie Raceway, Granite City Speedway, Rice Lake Speedway, Hibbing Speedway, Viking Speedway, Madison Speedway, Brown County Speedway and St. Croix Valley Raceway. One of the most memorable feature wins of the season was July 3rd at Rice Lake Speedway. Not only did Cain sweep that night, but that win marked Cain’s 200th career feature win.

Cain’s success was not based around the local tracks, he traveled around Minnesota, the Dakota’s and Wisconsin and competed with different racing tours. Cain raced in the Advantage RV Modified Touring Series, where he finished top 10 in points without running the whole tour. He also raced with the United States Modified Tour Series (USMTS) and raced at the Dakota State Fair Speedway for the WISSOTA 100. At the 100, Cain raced his way into the feature event and finished 7th. Cain also qualified for the WISSOTA Race of Champions and took 3rd while he raced against the best drivers in WISSOTA. A weekend of top 10’s in every race made the trip to Huron, SD enjoyable for Cain.

While looking at all the weekends of racing action there are a few in particular that stand out for Cain. One of the best weekends for Cain was July 13 and 14 when he won back to back nights of racing with the Advantage RV Modified Touring Series. The races were held at Brown County Speedway and Madison Speedway and Cain won the features both nights.

Another great accomplishment for Cain this summer were three weekends, that he raced all three nights, and won all three features. June 29-July 1, Cain raced St. Croix Valley, Ogilvie and Granite City winning all features. Then July 20-22 and July 27-29, Cain raced Princeton, Ogilvie and Granite City and won all six features between the two weekends.

September 28-30 Granite City Speedway held it’s first ever Gold Cup with three complete nights of racing. Cain raced the 29th and 30th and swept both nights winning heats and features.

Cain’s season was nothing short of great! He even accomplished the biggest honor in the WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series by becoming the 2012 WISSOTA Modified National Champion. Cain and his son Jacob work very hard all season to get the results Cain gets, but without the help from Cain’s sponsors the season would not be the success it is. Larry Shaw Race Cars, A. Ruppert Well, Inc., Mountain Manufacturing Technologies, Inc., Justice Brothers Car Care Products, Cain Farms, Alliance Machine, Neumanns Enterprise, Tim’s Automotive Machine, AFCO Racing Products and Shocks, Comp Cams, Bob Harris Enterprises, Amsoil by Chester and Penny Gustafson, Aero Race Wheels, Speedwerx Performance Exhaust, Eibach Springs, Corcoran Lockers, Midwest Drainage, Outlaw Wraps, Ray’s Auto Body and Chris Burback, Inc. all sponsor Cain and with out their support Dave Cain would not be able to race as much as he does. So we send out a big Thank You to all his sponsors for everything you do for Cain during the racing season, and we look forward to next season and your continued support.


Cain cruises to Race Of Champions victory at 2011 WISSOTA 100!

By Kirk Holmes
All The Dirt! Racing News

HURON, SD (September 16) - The Iron Man Triathalon in Hawaii is said to be the premier test of the will and strength of an athlete. Friday’s version of the Speedway Motors WISSOTA 100 could be compared to competing in the Iron Man while wearing a lead jock!

After persistent rain put a halt to Thursday’s program at Dakota State Fair Speedway with less than one third of the events in the books, a whopping 19 races were added to Friday’s show, which included the AMSOIL Race of Champions in all six divisions. By the time the last checkered flag fell shortly after 3 a.m., Dave Cain of Corcoran, MN had won the ROC title and 24 competitors in the division were officially qualified for Saturday night’s 33-car main event.

The night - and morning - for the Modified competitors consisted of heat races and a qualifying feature from Thursday night, along with Friday’s scheduled ROC race and two last chance qualifiers, from which the top 10 advanced to Saturday’s Last Chance race.