Dave Cain earns Fall Classic Victory

By Tami Jo Kuehn
Ogilvie, MN (October 8) – Saturday night at Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway featured night two of the FYE Motorsports Shaw Trucking Fall Classic presented by Allstate Peterbilt. The night began with a handful of B Features and then rolled into the main events. All eight WISSOTA PolyDome Dirt Track Race Series classes were in action and put on a fantastic night of race action.

Jason Thoennes claimed the lead in the WISSOTA Modified feature race, while Jake Hartung and Jody Bellefeuille battled for second. Bellefeuille took the point but Darrell Nelson worked his inside. Hartung came back to Bellefeuille’s side and flew by for the second point. Hartung continued to rock the high line and caught and passed Thoennes for the lead. Hartung pulled away from the field and the top five separated from the pack, however the yellow waved and drivers were regrouped. Hartung brought the drivers back to green but Bellefeuille moved to his door. Bellefeuille and Hartung were side by side for the lead when contact was made and Hartung spun. The yellow waved and field was reset with Hartung in the lead. Hartung, Dave Cain and Darrell Nelson went three wide for first as the race resumed and Hartung held the point. Hartung then went high on the track and Nelson shot by, but the yellow followed. As the field was realigned, Hartung was first but Nelson flew by when the green dropped. Cain, Hartung and Jeremy Nelson (06) went three wide for second and Cain snagged the point. Shane Sabraski took third and worked Cain as the yellow waved again. D. Nelson was in charge on the restart but Cain worked the low groove and moved to his side. With only three laps to go, D. Nelson and Cain were nose to nose at the line. Cain inched ahead down the back chute but D. Nelson was back in the turn. The checkers were raised and they both floored to the line, Cain was the faster driver and earned the victory. Darrell Nelson, Sabraski, Jeremy Nelson (06) and Thoennes were the top drivers.

WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature - Dave Cain, Darrell Nelson, Shane Sabraski, Jeremy Nelson (06), Jason Thoennes, Dan Ebert, Brandon Aggen, Justin Oestreich, Matt Gilbertson, Shawn Fletcher, Jody Bellefeuille, Travis Saurer, Denis Czech, Dustin Nelson, Don Eischens, Joey Jensen, Paul Wrazidlo, Seth Brede, Adam Ayotte, Jake Hartung, Ward Imrie, Jeremy Nelson (4), Kelly Estey, J.B. Stortz, Billy Vogel, Scott Greer
B Feature 1 - Fletcher, Wrazidlo, Brede, Aaron Johnson, Trevor Anderson, Zack Drews, Brian Swenson, Rick Niemi, Mark Blood, Donnie Lofdahl, Tyler Peterson, Terry Engebretson, Paul Niznik, Jeff Davis, Landon Atkinson
B Feature 2 - Stortz, Aggen, Greer, Don Eischens, Jerome Guyot, J.T. Johnson, Neil Balduc, Jeffrey Massingill, Justin Froemming, Dustin Wahl, Jason Blascyk, Marcus Simonson, Danny Vang, Brandon Linquist
B Feature 3 - Ayotte, Jensen, D. Nelson, Zach Johnson, Cory Bruggeman, Jeff Hart, Jason Gross, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Tyler Kintner, Chris Mensen, Jayson Good, Jay Richardson, Ryan Mikkelson, Clayton Wagamon, Peter Loecken, Nick Musel


Harvest Cup topped by Cain

By Tami Jo Kuehn
OGILVIE, MN (September 10) – Napa Auto Parts and Dave’s Floor Sanding and Installation, Inc. sponsored night two of Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway’s Harvest Cup. The night of WISSOTA PolyDome Dirt Track Race Series action featured 144 drivers making multiple circuits around the Big O trying to win a Golden Hoe.

The WISSOTA Modifieds wrapped up the 8th Annual Harvest Cup. Jeffrey Lien, Jr. and Jeremy Nelson (4) brought the drivers to the flag stand and Nelson took the lead. Lien, Jr. and Dave Cain grabbed the top three points and Cain worked Lien, Jr. for second. They were door to door for a few laps but the yellow appeared. Nelson was alone on the restart but Cain jumped to the high side and challenged him for the point. Nelson kept Cain at bay, but Cain kept after the #4. Nelson began to stretch out his lead while Clayton Wagamon found the high groove. Wagamon caught Lien, Jr. for third and tried to make the pass but Lien, Jr. closed the door. The yellow waved as a driver spun and slowed the field. Nelson was alone on the restart but Cain drove to his door. Nelson and Cain drove away from the pack and battled for the lead point. Cain pulled ahead, built a slight lead and secured the lead point with few laps to go. Again Wagamon rode the wall and battled Lien, Jr. for third. Wagamon nosed ahead but Lien, Jr. came back to Wagamon’s side. Wagamon broke free of Lien, Jr. and secured third as Dan Ebert began to work Lien, Jr. The race came to a close and Cain took the checkers in his TRE Race Parts #2c. Nelson, Wagamon, Lien, Jr. and Ebert rounded out the top points.

The night became brisk as the races went on, but the Harvest Cup was completed with four of five drivers sweeping both nights while the Modifieds and Hornets featured new winners. The next event at Wagamon’s Ogilvie Raceway will be the Annual Fall Classic. The Classic will be held on October 6, 7 and 8 with practice on Thursday, heats on Friday and B-Features and Features on Saturday night. All WISSOTA Classes will be at the event and for more information, feel free to visit www.fyemotorsports.com.

WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature - Dave Cain, Jeremy Nelson (4), Clayton Wagamon, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Dan Ebert, Shane Sabraski, Landon Atkinson, Jeremy Nelson (06), Denis Czech, Shawn Fletcher, Don Eischens, Cory Bruggeman, Adam Ayotte, Jason Voigt, Kyle Thell, Tim Patchen, Brandon Aggen, J.B. Stortz, J.T. Johnson, Chris Mensen, Keith Tourville, Tim Johnson, Jason Gross, Zack Drews
Heat 1 - Czech, Wagamon, Aggen, Tourville, Stortz, J.T. Johnson, Patchen, B. Johnson
Heat 2 - Cain, Lien, Jr., Atkinson, Bruggeman, Voigt, Drews, Hillukka, Pruesser
Heat 3 - J. Nelson (06), Gross, Fletcher, Sabraski, Ayotte, Mensen, Thiesse, Anderson
Heat 4 - J. Nelson (04), Thell, Ebert, T. Johnson, Eischens, A. Johnson, Weisman, Carlson
B Feature - Drews, J.T. Johnson, Patchen, Mensen, Charlie Hillukka, Matt Weisman, Aaron Johnson, Arne Anderson, Todd Carlson, Mark Pruesser, Erick Thiesse, Brett Johnson


Cain Fall Classic Champion!

This past weekend DCR headed to Ogilvie Raceway for the 13th Annual ''Fall Classic''. With over 255 cars in the pits, the Wissota Modifieds had the biggest turnout with 64 of them checking in the gate. Dave started 3rd row inside in the heat and finished 2nd. That put him 11th overall in passing points out of the 64 entered. Locking him into Saturday nights 30 laps $3,200 to win Modified feature. Saturday was Fall Classic Championship night at Ogilvie Raceway, over 2,300 people were in attendance for the big night of racing. After all the BMAINS were completed to finish out the 25 car Modified feature the field was set. After starting 11th in the field Dave quickly worked his way into the top 5 only 10 laps into the feature. With 7 laps to go, Dave worked into the 2nd position putting pressure on the leader. With just 5 laps left in the feature, the leader and the 2c battled side by side for the win the last 5 laps. At the line it was the 2c picking up the win and the Fall Classic Championship!

Next weekend DCR will be at Granite City Speedway on Saturday and Sunday for the final WISSOTA point shows of the year. 

You can watch all the action LIVE at Granite City Speedway this weekend on Racefeedx.com

Can't thank all of our sponsors enough for the support this year! Thank you Everyone!

Thank you to each and every sponsor for the support!
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Here is a link to the highlight video from Saturdays Fall Classic win at Ogilvie Raceway!


Cain heads back to Minnesota with a "Little Dream" sweep

By Ed Reichert

The WISSOTA Modifieds were on the card also on Tuesday and Dave Cain from Corcoran Minnesota won his first feature of the year at Rice Lake as he topped a strong field of competitors.

The Modified feature was also a smooth running event which, after spins on laps one and three, went green to checkered the last seventeen laps. Steve Hallquist led the way through the first half of the race, fighting off first Tim Johnson and then Kevin Eder after Eder raced into the runner up slot.

Cain started fifth and was quickly on the move, using both the low and high side of the track.

With a strong move, Cain passed Eder for second and then put the heat on Hallquist for the lead. Several times Cain nearly made the move but Hallquist was able to fight him off with Eder also looking for racing room.

Just at the halfway point, Cain got a good run off turn four and drove past Hallquist on the outside to take over the lead. Once in front, he started to stretch his advantage as Eder then began to pressure for second.

Picking up the pace farther back in the pack was Neil Balduc who drove past first Kevin Adams and then Johnson on the high side. Eder was finally able to get past Hallquist for second but Cain had now built up a substantial lead.

With no more yellows to bunch the field, Cain drove home with little trouble for the win over a strong running Eder. Hallquist held off a late charge by Balduc for third with Johnson completing the top five.

WISSOTA Modifieds:
20 lap Feature – Dave Cain(Corcoran MN), Kevin Eder(Ashland), Steve Hallquist(Eau Claire), Neil Balduc(Bessemer MI), Tim Johnson(Brainerd MN), Kevin Adams(Cameron), Cory Mahder(Eau Claire), Ashley Anderson(Elk Mound), Don Eischens(Richmond MN), Mike Anderson(Colfax), Nick Koehler, Scott Miller, Cody Borgeson, Pat Hoffman, Wayne Poteer, Jason Gross
10 lap Heat 1 – Eder, Hallquist, A. Anderson, Balduc, Koehler(Bloomer), Eischens, Miller, Hoffman
Heat 2 – Cain, Adams, Johnson, Mahder, M. Anderson, Gross, Borgeson, Poteet


2016 race season well underway for Dave Cain Racing!

- Kicking off the weekend of Memorial Day weekend racing, DCR headed to Casino Speedway in Watertown, SD on Thursday for the first night of the Advantage RV Modified Tour this season. 32 WISSOTA Modifieds checked in the gate. The night started out great. Dave started sixth in the heat and ran away with the heat win. The redraw for the feature didn't go so well - Dave drew the eigth starting spot - the worst starting spot available for the redraw drivers. That didn't stop the driver of the #2c from getting to the front; 15 laps into the 40-lap feature, Dave took the lead and never looked back and picked up his second feature win of the year by more than a straightaway! Along with the clean sweep.

Friday night brough the DCR crew to I-94 Speedway for night two of the Advantage RV Modified Tour. Another stellar 37 Wissota Modifieds were on hand. After starting 4th in the heat the #2c picked up another dominating heat race win for the 2nd night in a row. Dave rolled off the feature in the fourth starting spot. After falling back to 10th early. Dave worked his way back up the third position for another top three on the Advantage RV Modified Tour.

The plan was to race at Viking Speedway for the 12th annual Minnesota Modified Nationals Saturday and Sunday, but mother nature had other plans. The rest of the weekend was canceled. 

Weekend Results
Thursday May 26th- Casino Speedway- Heat: 1st, Feature: 1st 
Friday May 27th- I-94 Speedway- Heat: 1st, Feature: 3rd

Here is the video From Thursday's win at Casino Speedway!

We can't thank the sponsors enough for the support!
Mastersbilt By JMR, Wehrs Machine, AFCO Racing Products, KS Engineering, Champion Racing Oil, French Lake Auto Parts, TRE Race Parts, Hypercoils, Speedwerx, Outlaw Wraps & Apparel, Rays Auto Body, Corcoran Lockers, Mountain Manufacturing, Brandl Motors, Neumanns Enterprise, Outpace Racing Products, Bassett Racing Wheel, Milestone Marketing, Peterson Heating & Cooling and Cain Farms.


CORCORAN, MN - - With racing season right around the corner, Dave and the team are putting the finishing touches on the cars getting them ready for another racing season.

Over the off season, DCR added another Mastersbilt Modified By JMR to the stable. After switching to a JMR at the midpoint in the season last year and having a lot of success with it, tallying 9 wins in only 24 starts. It was a no brainer to get another car from Jay Mcdonald.

Going into the 2016 racing season, DCR is slated to run at Granite City Speedway(Sauk Rapids, MN) on Friday nights, Ogilvie Raceway (Ogilvie, MN) on Saturdays and new this year will be a new Sunday track,  St. Croix Speedway (St. Croix Falls, WI). Formerly, St. Croix raced on Fridays, but they made the switch to Sundays over the offseason.

With the addition of the 3 local tracks in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Dave and the team plan on running the Advantage RV Modified Tour for the 3rd year in a row. A former champion of the tour in 2014 and a 3rd place in the standings last year, DCR is excited to race the tour again. The Advantage RV Modified Tour races 12 events across Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.. This year the tour will have 3 separate swings. 2 events over Memorial Day weekend at Casino Speedway (Thursday) and I-94 Speedway (Friday). The 2nd swing of the tour brings us 4 nights of racing. Starting on Thursday at Grand Rapids Speedway, Superior Speedway on Friday, Hibbing Raceway on Saturday and a new track this year Proctor Speedway on Sunday. The final swing is a grueling 6 day swing. Starting on Tuesday at Granite City Speedway and finishing up at Miller Central Speedway on Sunday. Fiesta City Speedway, Casino Speedway, Brown County Speedway, and Dakota State Fair Speedway will be the other 5 tracks on the swing. You can check out the Advantage RV Tour’s website for more info on the tour. www.thedirttour.net

We would like to thank each and every sponsor that has come on board this year! Could do it all without the help from them!

Mastersbilt By JMR, Wehrs Machine, Afco Racing Products, KS Engineering, Champion Racing Oil, French Lake Auto Parts, TRE Race Parts, Hypercoils, Speedwerx, Outlaw Wraps & Apparel, Rays Auto Body, Corcoran Lockers, Mountain Manufacturing, Brandl Motors, Neumanns Enterprise, Outpace Racing Products, Bassett Racing Wheel, Milestone Marketing